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Click here for more pictures of the IKEGAI AX 40N CNC LATHE

*** Please Note this item has been sold and is no longer in stock. Click here for our complete updated inventory list. Thank You, Omni Machine Tool Corp.




1.         Center height                                                                                           Above Floor    920 mm


2.         Swing                                                                             Over carriage  0600 mm  Over bed   0800 mm

3.         Maximum distance between centers                                                1500 mm


4.         Bed                                                                         Overall length             (Center distance + 1650) mm

                                                                                               Width x height           1020 x 570 mm

5.         Spindle

            Spindle nose                                                                                                 J IS A2-11


Spindle diameter                                                                                          0160 mm


Diameter of spindle through hole                                                            0100 mm


            Spindle taper                                                                                                101 d x 115 D x 140 L mm

                                                                                                                                     (Taper 1/10)


Number of spindle speeds                                                                       2 ranges, infinitely variable in each


Spindle speed range

   Standard type                                                                                               10 800 rpm


   Low-speed type                                                                                            6.3 500 rpm


   High-speed type                                                                                           20 1600 rpm


6.        Feed rate

               Rapid traverse                                                          X axis                          5000 mm/min

                                                                                                    Z axis                          10000 mm/min


Cutting feed                                                                                                      0.001 500 mm/rev

                 *1)  Width hydraulic built-in center.


7.        Tailstock

               Tailstock spindle taper                                                                                 MT No. 6


   Quill diameter x stroke                                                                                 0160 x 150 mm


    Diameter of front bearing                                                                           085 mm

                  *1)  In case of machine with chucker

 specifications, the tailstock is

 not provided.



8.         Tool post

               Type                                                                                                             Automatic indexing drum turret


               Number of tools to be mounted                                                             12 tools


               Tool dimensions                                                                                         32 x 32 mm


               Turret dimensions

                    Width across flasts x thickness                                                        600 x 125 mm


               Diameter across noses of standard

         tools mounted                                                                                      0696 mm


               Maximum swing of turret

                    (when tool holders are mounted)                                                     0880 mm


9.         Strokes

                X axis                                                                                                           410 mm


   (Distance from spindle center line to center

   of tool post                                                                                                   338 748 mm)


   Z axis                                                                                                            Center distance = 100 mm


   Tailstock                                                                                                      (Center distance 150) mm


10.       Motor outputs

               Spindle drive motor

                  (50% ED/continuous)                                                                             DC 30/22 kW


   Slideway lubrication motor                                                                     AC   4 P    0.01 kW


   Hydraulic pump motor                                                                             AC   4 P      1.5 kW


   Coolant pump motor                                                                                AC   4 P      0.1 kW


11.       Floor space required and net weight of machine






Floor Space


Net Weight

of Machine

1000 mm

3650 x 5550 mm

  8,000 kg

1500 mm

3650 x 6100 mm

  8,500 kg

2000 mm

3650 x 6550 mm

  9,000 kg

2500 mm

3650 x 7100 mm

  9,500 kg

3000 mm

3650 x 7650 mm

10,000 kg


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